nside sales
Adam, Gilles, John, Jacques, Leo, Mario and Greg make up the Sutton Inside Sales Team.  These gentlemen have many years of plumbing and heating experience and are available to guide you to the right products for your particular job. 

Outside sales
Our Outside Sales Team includes Greg, Sylvain and Mario. They understand that sales is a process, made up of several steps and recognize the importance of maintaining and building personal relationships.

Shipping & Receiving

Jim, Bernie, Chris, Jeff and Brian make up the shipping receiving team. They focus on getting your orders out on time with consistent accuracy!

Chico, John, José and Darrel drive our fleet of trucks. They are an extension of our sales force and between them bring over 50 years experience in the plumbing field. They work together to make sure your orders are delivered on time! 

Louise, Line et Hervey help control billing, accounting and all other facets of our business. Gilles works as a financial controller and is responsible for the application of all financial and accounting procedures.  This high performance team has experience in accounts payable, accounts receivable and invoicing. They also possess a sound knowledge of the business and the products and services we sell, as well as a good understanding of our customers. 

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