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Frank Sutton founded Sutton Plumbing and Heating in May of 1954.

He spent nineteen years as salesman with Crane Canada and later three more years with a plumbing wholesaler before he ventured out on his own. Sutton Plumbing and Heating was originally located at the corner of Dufferin and Cote St. Luc Road in Hampstead, Quebec. Sutton eventually relocated to Old Orchard and de Maisonneuve before settling in their present locations at 2174 Clifton in NDG, Montreal, Quebec and 6045 De Maisonneuve, Montreal, Quebec.

The company was originally founded to help contractors and industrial accounts source out products they normally wouldn’t be able to find. Frank Sutton quickly saw that there was a need for a service oriented wholesaler. The public demand for excellent and timely service helped the company grow to become one of the most successful wholesalers in the Montreal area.

In 1955 Frank Sutton’s son, Brian Sutton, joined the business and eventually began managing the business in 1960.  With the foresight of his father, 
Brian Sutton joined a group of two other businessmen in 1979 and formed 
a buying group called OCTO. OCTO provided wholesalers like Sutton 
Plumbing with immense buying power and a method to compete. After his father’s death in 1992, Brian Sutton officially became President of Sutton Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

Today Greg Boyd manages the business and continues to build on founder Frank Sutton’s philosophy of providing simple, personalized service and solutions.

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